A Comprehensive Approach

Influencing change and protecting a client’s interests takes a comprehensive approach. Husch Blackwell Strategies moves the needle of public opinion and guides decisions of public officials through its integrated services of state and federal lobbying, executive-level strategic counsel, and public affairs.

We Know How

Government Works

At Husch Blackwell Strategies, we are strategic advisors and advocates who educate and empower elected officials with the facts, insights, and strategies to make well-informed decisions that advance and protect the interests of our clients.

Our bipartisan team is plugged into the legislative, regulatory, media, and political infrastructure in each of our states and on Capitol Hill in Washington. We understand the mechanics behind policymaking while recognizing the political dynamics and public opinion that could help or hurt a legislative strategy.


Government Affairs

Husch Blackwell Strategies has one of the largest networks of state lobbyists in the country. Our professional advocates are trusted resources in the legislative process in each of our state capital offices in Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Kansas, Maryland, Missouri, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Texas, and Wisconsin.


Government Affairs

Our bipartisan team of public policy strategists can help reshape the debate at every level of government in Washington DC. We provide clients insight and counsel on how decisions are made, who makes them, and the steps necessary in achieving their goals.



Under the leadership of U.S. Senator Roy Blunt, the HBS Leadership Strategies Advisory Services group in Washington is a highly specialized executive team that provides a comprehensive whole-of-government advisory service that is tailored to the needs of a specific organization.

Public Affairs

HBS Public Affairs develops and delivers integrated communications and public affairs strategies that solve problems, build reputations, and create value for organizations of every shape and size.


50 State

The HBS 50 State team provides our clients the ability to manage their nationwide objectives in an organized and effective way to produce winning results as well as cover areas of an existing team to strengthen a client’s presence across the country.
Husch Blackwell Strategies creates an encouraging public landscape through its integrated services of state and federal lobbying, executive-level strategic counsel, and public affairs.