HBS 50 STATE connects clients with a nationwide network of professional lobbyists in multiple markets that can simultaneously engage lawmakers through a customized structure that is developed and managed by the HBS team. Clients can also access a state’s Executive Branch through the HBS team’s direct advocacy with governors and state attorneys general and their senior staff members.

Our team is immediately embedded into our clients existing organization with one task in mind, helping the existing team to better define and accomplish their objectives across the country. Our ability to seamlessly integrate into an existing organizational structure distinguishes us from others and is essential to our track record of success. Our team adds a new dimension to government affairs as we strategize and implement public policy solutions for confronting problems before they gain momentum while identifying and pursuing market-changing opportunities.

We provide clients with a truly comprehensive government affairs engagement and create new opportunities through dynamic regulatory, political, and legislative strategies while protecting an organization’s current interests. 

Team Members

Chief Executive Officer
Executive Chairman
Managing Principal
Executive Vice President, State Government Affairs

Statehouse Stategies

The experience, knowledge, and relationships of the HBS team and our nationwide network of professional lobbyists advances a client’s agenda at the most effective time while maximizing the results. HBS has extensive experience in handling multi-jurisdictional state government affairs for national corporations and associations. Our team is connected to a network of pre-vetted consultants who can be quickly mobilized on behalf of clients. HBS is prepared to track issues and legislation in key jurisdictions, quickly gather intelligence necessary to assess risk and stand up a rapid-response capability that is multidisciplinary. We also conduct strategy sessions to identify priority states and the key issues to track in those jurisdictions. Our approach is flexible and scalable, allowing clients to allocate resources efficiently where they can have the most impact.

Governors Engagement

In many cases Governors often set the policy agendas, directing legislative priorities while also guiding regulatory actions. Clients that do not have a proactive and strategic approach to advocate directly to Governors and the executive branch often miss significant opportunities to further their goals and defeat bad public policy.

The HBS team regularly works with Governors from across the country to further client interests. From meetings in state capitols to attending national policy conferences, our team places its clients and issues before chief executives in order to get their issues heard.

By building trusted relationships with Governors, their Chiefs of Staff, and political advisors we establish relationships that go beyond the issues.

HBS makes sure our clients do not get lost in the shuffle of multiple private sector requests that inundate state executive offices. We turn a client’s issue into a priority for Governors and their policy teams.

State Attorneys General Engagement

We provide clients a full spectrum of strategic options. State Attorneys General continue to dominate the national legal and political landscape as both the state’s chief law enforcement officer as well as a statewide political official. While each attorney general may choose to work with others, they are not bound to and do not answer to a party leader. That is why it is essential to have regulatory, political, and legislative experts who know how an AG thinks and acts and can navigate both the opportunities and challenges. Developing credibility and relationships with AGs and their senior staff members is critical to helping move the needle in a client’s favor.

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