The HBS Arizona team invests the time to understand the interests and intricacies of each client and is a reliable partner in successfully developing and implementing winning strategies.

Our team provides government affairs counsel to a broad range of clients including those in the healthcare, auto, agricultural and human services industries. Our team leader Liz Goodman has a passion for child welfare and represents several clients before the Legislature and in juvenile court through Community Legal Services.

HBS Arizona Team Members

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Case Studies

A Coalition of foster care advocates came together to enact tuition waiver legislation in a state that has historically blocked all tuition waiver proposals, including one for veterans that had been defeated for multiple years prior.


Group of foster parents, child welfare advocates and agencies who came together for the common cause of advancing opportunities for foster kids in Arizona.


Convince Democrats, who had vowed to oppose all tuition waivers and tax cuts until public education was funded, and Republicans, who traditionally oppose waivers and tax increases, to come together to support a statewide tuition waiver.


Our team mobilized foster parents and foster youth to meet with their legislators to discuss the numerous roadblocks to opportunities and success that foster kids face. We also compiled statistics from other states that showed that a modest investment in foster youth on the front end would lead to significant and dramatic long-term savings to the state. We prevailed with near-unanimous support.


Enactment of a statewide foster care tuition waiver bill, allowing foster kids throughout the state to go to community college and any of our three state universities for free.


A non-profit that focuses on the intersection of agriculture, food security, and health outcomes with a front-row seat to development and its associated impact on the farming industry, committed to finding innovative solutions to the dwindling agriculture industry and its impact on access to food.


Passage of a state Agriculture Workforce Development bill, which will incentivize people to enter the food production and agriculture industry though paid apprenticeships, where they will develop the business and farming skills necessary to pursue long-term agriculture careers.


To incentivize passage, we designed the legislation as a Pilot Program with a one-time funding request, which will allow our team to compile data, come back in two years to show proven results, and support our future long-term funding request.


Enactment of the Arizona Agriculture Workforce Development Pilot Program in partnership with the University of Arizona’s Cooperative Extension.

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