As a trusted resource to lawmakers, our bipartisan team of public policy strategists can help reshape the debate at every level of government in Washington DC. We provide clients insight and counsel on how decisions are made, who makes them, and the steps necessary in achieving their goals.

The HBS Federal team engages across all government, building the kind of momentum that successfully penetrates through the clutter and chatter of others. We create opportunities by understanding and anticipating the changing fiscal, policy, and political realities on Capitol Hill and in The White House.

Team Members

Chief Executive Officer
Executive Chairman
Chief Operating Officer
Executive Vice Chairman
Chairman, HBS Leadership Strategies Advisory Services
Executive Vice President, Federal Government Affairs
Executive Assistant
Chief of Staff, HBS Leadership Strategies Advisory Services
Client Services Associate
Director, PAC and Campaign Resources Services
Senior Advisor
Director, HBS Transportation & Infrastructure
Managing Principal
Managing Principal
Special Advisor for Energy and Environment

Explore Our Expertise:

Agriculture and Food and Drug Administration

The HBS team utilizes our extensive experience working on Agriculture-centered issues in the Congress and in the private sector as well as our connections with relevant congressional committees and USDA to advance the priorities and interests of our clients. The team has expertise in agriculture credit, conservation, labor, and trade issues as well food safety and related regulatory compliance.

The HBS team utilizes our extensive experience working on Agriculture related issues in the Executive Branch, Congress, and in the private sector as well as our connections with relevant congressional committees and the Department of Agriculture and Food and Drug. Administration to advance the priorities and interests of our clients. The team has expertise in agriculture credit, conservation, research, labor, and trade issues as well food safety, food labeling, nutrition programs, and related regulatory compliance.

In the world of congressional budgets and appropriations, it takes experience and expertise to successfully navigate opportunities and challenges. From working with the Administration on setting budget priorities to advocating for our clients’ priorities on Capitol Hill, our team is built to find innovative ways to help clients obtain federal funds and resources.

HBS has a proven track record representing colleges, universities, and other institutions of higher learning to secure critical federal appropriations or grant funding, the extension or modification of authorizing language to keep programs functioning to the benefit of our client institutions, and monitoring new spaces impacting higher education including athletics and an increasingly volatile political environment surrounding colleges and universities.

Our team has successfully guided clients involved in clean energy technologies and their proactive engagement with the federal government including significant work with the Department of Energy and national labs.

Washington continues to rethink how the government works collaboratively with industry to address our most significant challenges with recent events exposing weaknesses in our healthcare system, supply chain, and preparedness planning. The HBS team brings decades of experience at every level of government. Utilizing experience and connections gained from working at the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, House and Senate Leadership, and leading the Appropriations subcommittee on Labor, Health and Human Services, Education, and related Agencies, our highly specialized team has experience in navigating the most complex challenges.

Our team members have worked with agencies and legislative committees who hold the keys to decision-making authority over foreign policy, defense, security, international health, multilateral assistance and related development funding and policy.

Our team members have decades of experience navigating complex federal issues on behalf of local government entities across the country. Together with the local team, our policy-diverse team members work to tailor a specific advocacy strategy that benefits our clients, the community, and the elected board or commission.

Our team provides concierge PAC and executive giving services that establish a comprehensive political program tailored to achieve each client’s unique objectives. HBS delivers ready to use materials that build political resources to enhance a client’s capabilities and strategic impact. This allows government affairs leadership to focus their attention on higher level issues with more resources.

Our team successfully represents some of the largest technology and telecommunications companies in navigating Congress and the Executive Branch. Our experience working with the Senate Commerce Committee, the House Energy and Commerce Committee, and the Federal Communications Commission has benefited our clients as they navigate regulatory and legislative challenges and opportunities in data security, privacy, broadband, spectrum, and satellite communications.

HBS has helped protect the interests of American businesses and manufacturers as they navigate the maze that is domestic and international trade policy. From small independent companies to Fortune 500 traded corporations HBS team members have spearheaded campaigns to educate Capitol Hill and Executive Agencies about the impact of trade policy on our clients. By bringing diverse stakeholders together, we have helped win decisive victories on cases involving the US Trade Commission for a wide spectrum of industries.

Team members have strong relationships with the leadership at the Department of Transportation and the White House offices charged with overseeing agency implementation. We have trusted relationships with Congressional Committees and staff focused on these issues, know the stakeholders and keep a close eye on the day-to-day developments that affect these sectors.

The HBS team provides clients a specialty in riveriene regulatory issues and congressional impact surrounding the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and the Federal Emergency Management Association (FEMA), including updates to the Federal Flood Insurance Program.

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