Our Team

Gregg Hartley

Chief Operating Officer | Executive Vice Chairman
Washington, DC
ghartley@hbstrategies.us | (202) 494-8735

Gregg Hartley is the co-founder, Executive Vice Chairman, and COO of Husch Blackwell Strategies. With forty years of insider experience at all levels of government and politics he’s been recognized as one of the “Top Hired Guns” in Washington by The Hill newspaper in its exclusive list of the best lobbyists in D.C. His proven leadership includes managing a House leadership office, guiding two of Washington’s leading lobbying firms, devising political tactics, shepherding political campaigns, and deploying successful legislative strategies for clients.

Gregg was the senior staffer and advisor for eighteen years to U.S. House of Representative Roy Blunt (R-MO), the former Republican Whip of the US House of Representatives. As Chief of Staff to the Whip, he was part of the leadership staff who worked for the then Speaker, Majority Leader, Conference Chair, and other leadership offices. From the Republican Whip Office, Gregg directed coalition efforts, working with outside groups in “grow the vote” activities.

Gregg founded the federal lobbying firm Cloakroom Advisors LLC in 2014 after serving for over a decade as Vice Chairman and Chief Operating Officer of Cassidy & Associates, one of the oldest and largest federal lobbying firms in the United States. At Cassidy, Gregg oversaw the professional services rendered to the firm’s many clients. He led teams serving commerce, transportation, and financial services clients, including organizations such as The Walt Disney Company, Freddie Mac, AT&T, SBC, Verizon, Bell South, Eagle Picher, Expedia, Cerner, Emerson Electric/Liebert Power, American Airlines, Univision, and The Doe Run Company. He was highly involved in representing the firm’s international and foreign affairs clients including One Laptop Per Child, the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, and Equatorial Guinea.

Gregg holds a degree in Economics and Urban/Regional Planning from Missouri State University. He also studied public administration, planning and business at the graduate level.

Gregg worked in then-Governor John Ashcroft’s Administration, as Blunt’s senior political aide in the Missouri Office of the Secretary of State, and in the first term of the Reagan Administration for a quasi-public agency, the Legal Services Corporation, as Director of Field Services. He also has worked in the banking, mortgage, and securities sectors for local and national institutions. Early in his career, he led programs for Legal Aid of Southwest Missouri, Southwest Missouri Office on Aging, and the Springfield Missouri Police Department.