Our Team

Richard Eddings

Chief of Staff, HBS Leadership Strategies Advisory Services
Washington, DC

Richard is a skilled navigator of the inner workings of Congress and its Member offices and for the past twenty-six years has established a network of trusted bipartisan relationships with lawmakers on both sides of Capitol Hill. Richard’s work has earned him the reputation as an accomplished resource and steady hand to House and Senate leadership offices. 

Richard most recently served as Deputy Chief of Staff to U.S. Sen. Roy Blunt where he led strategic engagement within the Capitol complex as well as with leaders of organizations and prominent businesses across the country. While directing operations for a Senate leadership office of more than sixty professionals, Richard learned the dynamics of individual Member offices and the art of connecting the right people to the right issue. Throughout his tenure on Capitol Hill, Richard has built inclusive, efficient, and productive team cultures that have been essential to achieving public policy goals. 

As an entrepreneur and small business owner, Richard knows firsthand the intersection of business and public policy and the importance of successfully engaging with government.