Our Team

Dustin Brighton

Managing Principal

Dustin is an experienced government affairs advocate with nearly thirty years of protecting and broadening the interests of his clients before the Arkansas General Assembly and state attorneys general nationwide. He is a widely recognized expert in consumer privacy and anti-trust issues representing e-commerce and tech brand names like eBay and Microsoft.

Known as an honest broker of information, Dusty has established a network of trusted relationships and credibility with elected leaders and influencers in Arkansas and across the nation on issues such as privacy, net neutrality, and Section 230 liability protections. He has successfully represented companies as members of industry trade associations and groups such as the National Association of Attorneys General, National Governors Association, and the Democratic and Republican Legislative Campaign Committees.

Dusty most recently served as Managing Director of Brightstone Bridge, an Arkansas-based government relations firm he founded in 2018. Earlier, he led the development of a 50-state government affairs department while serving as a Vice President at the Internet Association in Washington, D.C. He has also served as a Senior Manager and Director of Government Relations for eBay, Inc.; as a Regional Director of Government Relations for Microsoft; and as a Regional State Government Relations Manager for Wal-Mart, Inc.

Dusty earned a bachelor’s in communications from the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville and a Master’s of Public Administration from the University of Arkansas, Little Rock.