Our Team

Liz Lyons


Liz uses her in-depth knowledge of the issues and the legislative process of the state’s unicameral Legislature to deliver results for clients. She brings to bear over a decade of experience and success in healthcare advocacy and administration in Nebraska to protect the interests of her clients and create meaningful opportunities. She most recently led government relations for Children’s Hospital and Medical Center in Omaha where she served as Director of Advocacy and Government Affairs.

Liz’s determined advocacy for children’s health initiatives has resulted in a $12 million federal investment to build a mental health urgent care at Children’s Nebraska; new screening protocols for newborns in Nebraska to earlier identify rare diseases and resulting in better health outcomes; and safeguarding Medicaid for medically complex children.

As Director of Advocacy and Government Affairs for Children’s Nebraska, Liz established a trusted network of community leaders across the region of Nebraska, Iowa, and South Dakota. She has also played an active role in driving public policy through appointed and volunteer positions she has held with groups such as the American Cancer Society, the Nebraska Hospital Association’s Public Policy Committee and the Nebraska Child Health and Education Alliance.

Earlier in her career, Liz served in the insurance and medical staffing sectors and was recognized as a “Rising Star” for her marketing and managing skills.