Our Team

Nathan Halbach


Utilizing in-depth knowledge of Wisconsin government affairs, Nathan provides valuable advisement to clients who need to negotiate the Wisconsin state legislative, budget and administrative rulemaking processes. Nathan has over fifteen years of experience in government affairs, while also adding strong capabilities in grassroots and public affairs work.

With an aptitude for interpreting the effects of legislative proposals, state budgets, amendments and administrative rules on behalf of clients, Nathan adds to the HBS team a specialist view of the Wisconsin government. His expertise of Wisconsin lobbying and campaign finance ethics and regulations is especially valuable as the world of PACs continues to expand at a rapid pace.

Nathan’s previous experience includes having served as Deputy Director of Communications for a Democratic Senate majority leader, serving as legislative assistant to two Senate majority leaders, and as Clerk of the Senate Natural Resources Committee.

A member of the Association of Wisconsin Lobbyists, Nathan is a graduate of Purdue University.